How to Start an Information Product Business

An information product business can be highly profitable when you get it right. By following these tips on starting your own information product company you will be well on your way to profiting from the boom in sales of digital information products.

1. Pick a niche

You’re looking for a niche where people regularly spend money. Ideally more than once.

You can get a good idea of whether your chosen area is likely to be profitable by doing a regular search on Google and browsing sites like Amazon.

If there are adverts relating to your niche and if there are plenty of books on it, there’s a good chance that people are spending money there.

Don’t pick too broad an area though – you’re unlikely to break into the main weight loss topic overnight. But you can pick a sub-niche within that area and make a nice income from it.

2. Create your information product

This is an area where a lot of people stumble. They over-complicate the process and don’t ever get a product created.

It’s easy to assume that the products we see in everyday life were always that way. But the Windows operating system didn’t get launched as an actual operating system until it was in its third version. Prior to that, it was only sold as a way to use their graphical word processor.

So follow the time tested formula of “ready, fire, aim” and get the first version of your product created sooner rather than later. You can always surprise your early adopters by offering them a free or cheap upgrade when you release version two but you’ll never get to that stage if you don’t release version one first.

3. Develop a website and nurture a list

Almost every hosting package comes with an option to install WordPress. Use that option and then follow a few simple tutorials (there are plenty available on YouTube) to get it looking professional. Or hire a developer if you need to. Either way, you should be able to get your new website up and running very fast.

Then add a lead capture form – you can get those from any professional autoresponder package – and start offering people enticements to sign up to your list. You can then keep in touch with these people and let the begin to trust you.

4. Promote your site

Google has lots of sites to worry about, not just yours.

So don’t expect to have thousands of visitors flocking to your new website overnight.

But you can still promote your site with things like articles, videos, Facebook posts, guest posts, Tweets and lots of other methods.

The idea here is to use what are known as “long tail” keywords at first because these are easier to rank for in the search results. You won’t get huge amounts of traffic from them but if you get it right, you will get some traffic and you can then start the process of getting them onto your list so that they stand a chance of buying your product.

Video Production Business Tips – Make More By Doing Less In the Video Production Edit Suite

In your video production business, there are only a few ways to make more money in the edit suite. Charge more per hour, sell more projects or become much more efficient in your editing processes. We’ll ignore the first two for now and focus on the third.

How can you become more efficient in the edit suite resulting in more profit? Here are a few tips:

1.The edit process begins when you are writing the script.

Intentionally write the script to make things easier for you in the edit. A few things to watch out for in the script are areas where you won’t have any video or pictures to use to cover the narration or sound bytes from the person being interviewed. Not having enough b-roll will mean you’ll have to create motion graphic sequences and that can take hours or even days to accomplish.

Instead of relying on graphics to save your tail, work hard to make sure you have enough b-roll, photography or stock footage so that you don’t have to spend a huge chunk of your budget filling holes in the video with time-consuming graphics. If you have control of the scriptwriting process, shame on you if you don’t write it so you can be more profitable in the edit process.

If your client writes the script, demand that you either have the budget necessary to capture enough shots or that they will provide you with stock footage or photography so that you don’t have to spend an inordinate amount of time in the edit process creating graphics to fill the holes. If you stick to your guns, they will either pay you more to create the extra material or they will work harder to get you what you ask for. You win either way.

2. Remember that after your client has selected you to do their project, you are no longer competing with other video production companies.

This means you don’t have to change your style or the way you approach the project. Now you can focus on what you do best along with providing excellent customer service. The client obviously thought the creative work represented on your demo reel was enough to satisfy their needs so now all you really have to do is communicate their message using your current technical and creative abilities. Now is not the time to figure out a new effect or to learn a new piece of software.

Do that in your spare time or when you don’t have any projects to work on. It is certainly noble to give clients more than they expect but you can’t lose money in the process. A client will prefer a technically perfect edit with special effects sprinkled throughout much more than a project that is loaded with special effects but doesn’t do a great job telling their story.

3. Focus more on being technically perfect than on being creatively perfect.

Your clients will appreciate the timing of your edits much more than how fancy you transitioned in and out of a segment. Simple dissolves, fades and cuts still go a long way in pleasing the customer. I will make sure an edit is technically sound before any graphics are added. Then, I’ll take a minimalist approach to adding graphics before showing it to the client for the first time.

I’ll spend a few hours building an open, keep lower thirds and title pages appealing but simple to execute and will recycle these graphics for any other part of the video that requires additional graphics. The closing animation is usually something very similar to the introduction. This does a nice job ending the video and it makes sense in the client’s mind.

4. Embrace third-party graphics packages and template and learn how to incorporate them into your work flow immediately.

The cost to purchase these packages is very affordable considering what you get and the time you will save trying to recreate something similar. Your clients will love how these graphics make their videos look and they won’t care or even know that you didn’t create them from scratch.

5. Finally, get your client involved early in the creative process.

See how they react to a creative treatment that looks good but didn’t take you a long time to create. If they are excited about it, ask them if they’d like you to apply the same treatment the rest of the video. If they say yes, do it! You’ll save a ton of time, which results in more money for each hour you work in the project.

If they aren’t happy, tweak it in their presence until they are happy. It usually doesn’t take much more than you showed them in the first place to make them happy. The only caveat here is that some clients will have a huge expectation as to how the creative visuals will be represented in their video. It’s your job to make that determination early on and to budget accordingly on the front end of the project.

Technical proficiency, great storytelling and enhanced focus on customer service will get you where you want to be faster than out-of-this-world graphic animations or multi-layered composites. Your video production business will benefit more on this process. That’s a fact.

Home-Based Business – Top 3 Tips For Setting Up a Spa Product Business

These are my top three tips for setting up a successful Spa Product business. These tips will enable you to take the steps necessary to set up and run a business that provides a reliable source of income. If you are looking for a way out of a financial mess, this could be the answer provided that you are prudent and follow the steps diligently!

Ensure that all elements of your business send out a consistent message to your customers about your business.

From packaging to your website, from color schemes to fonts, send a consistent message to your customers that signals that you are serious about your business. In other words, they have to scream ‘BUY!’. If your messages are not consistent, your customers will doubt your sincerity and seriousness about the business.

For example, use suitable colors for your bottles of spa products. If you use red color for a lemon-scented bubble bath, the customer will be confused and form a negative impression at least over time. She will not have a good impression and will believe that you are not keen on the business.

If you want reorders, be sure to provide your phone number and web address on your product labels or other packaging

If you want to have repeat customers, remember to include your contact details on product labels and packaging. You will risk losing repeat customers if you do not do so. Imagine the confusion your customer will feel if your contact details are not easily accessible.

Your bubble bath has a label on it with your contact details. The customer likes the product and decides to reorder. She easily sees the contact details and you have repeat sales!

The emotional response to color and its effect on consumers makes color an important element

Consumer behavior can be influenced at many levels, from the brand logo, image, signage, display, print materials, to the product itself. Mood associations with color mean that color can determine the way we feel about products. There has been research proving that up to 60% of a consumer’s first impression of a product comes from its color.

If you have ever bought a bottle of perfume from the supermarket, you will associate the scent you desire with the color of the bottle first before you read the labelling. Using the right color will ensure that your customers are provided with the product they desire. A rose-scented perfume will of course come in a red bottle and so on. Using the correct colors ensure that your customer buys the right product.

These tips can help you set up a profitable Spa Product business. They are helpful tips that will ensure that you take the steps necessary to obtain a reliable source of income. Follow them diligently and you will have some success in your Spa Product business.

Of course, these tips are just the beginning. A complete manual that teaches you the ins and outs of a Spa Product business is the key to setting up a profitable business. The variety of tips and recipes will ensure that you take all the steps necessary to success in the Spa Product business!

Running Digital Media Product Businesses – Who Are Good Candidates?

On the Internet today, there are many ways to make money. There are many affiliate programs you can join, where just putting up a website, attracting traffic, and linking potential customers to purchase products from the merchant website, can make you a substantial income if you know what you’re doing. Or, you can run a service business, such as a website design company, if you or a group of friends have the skills to design websites, graphics, etc. But one of the most often asked questions that I receive, is “Who should start a business selling digital media products?” In this article, I will try to answer this question based on my experience as a top eseller.

A digital media product is basically a CD or DVD, or a collection of these, that provides information (in the form of a course or something similar) to an end-user. Most of these are home study courses, audio CDs, or DVD instructional courses that teach consumers how to accomplish a specific task or tasks. In summary, these are information products converted into hard digital media formats.

If you are an expert who can provide valuable and relevant information to consumers, then you are a great candidate for starting a digital media product business. Aside from simply compiling content and developing an executable and downloadable digital file, the conversion of this into digital media format (CD or DVD) is something that most esellers do not practice. Whether these esellers do not know the benefits of converting their e-books into digital media products or are just simply too lazy to do so, is immaterial. The fact is, the combination of selling e-books as downloadable files and as digital media products is one of the best ways to enhance any online business that focuses on information products.

If you are not an expert, then are you still a good candidate for a digital media product business? The answer to this is often yes. It is possible for you to still run a business such as this, if you can find experts who are willing to work with you, and provide you relevant and useful information for you to compile into a digital product. Believe it or not, many of these experts are not Internet savvy and thus, don’t have the know-how to do it all themselves. If you are educated and have the knowledge of Internet marketing, and the ability to work with digital products, there are many experts who would be willing to partner with you to provide you with information in a specific field, in return for only a small royalty per sale. This is a great way to generate profits on the Internet — using someone’s ideas, packaging them (as a downloadable file or as a digital media product), and selling them to specific niche audiences.

In summary, there are many ways to make money online, and there are ways for anybody to sell digital media products on the Internet. Whether you are an expert in a given field, or not, you can still reap the benefits of selling on the Internet, if you have the stamina, enthusiasm, and the know-how of Internet marketing and business.