How To Turn Any Info Product Business Into A Massive Empire

Let’s talk about 5 ways to boost the profits of your info product business.

Go Physical. The biggest way to make more money in an info product business and eventually crush your competition is by creating a physical product. This you can do by turning your software or info product into physical form. One benefit of creating a physical product is that you can charge more for the physical form of your product. For example, instead of charging $67 for an e-book you can now charge $147 for the complete program. Another benefit is that you can now pay your affiliates more commission which will create more enthusiasm within your affiliate network resulting in more sales, profits, and market domination in many instances.

Add a Membership Site. Consider adding some kind of recurring income with a web-based service by charging a monthly membership fee. This does not necessarily have to be an online membership site. It could be some sort of service that allows people to go online and keep track of their activities. It’s much easier to make income on a recurring basis as long as you keep your customers happy, rather than having to develop new courses or programs all the time

Increase Affiliate Offers. You can do this in two ways:

On The Front-End. You can offer other companies’ products in your sequential emails following an email mini-course. You will just keep adding more emails to your sequence, offering more and more products as time goes.

On The Back-End. After someone buys your product you’ve gained their trust. So if you tell them of related tools and resources, there’s a very good chance they will order.

Add An Up-sell. You can increase the overall value of a sale by adding an up-sell. For example you could have an up-sell on your e-book order page that offers a related product at a special discount. Typically you can do an up-sell of up to 50% of the original price, and anything higher than that should be used as a back-end product.

Add Back-End Products. After someone buys your lower-priced product you want to go back and offer them something else at a later time. Most back-end products are more expensive than the original product. There are many related products your customer would be interested in that you can offer them after the original sale.