The Multiple Product Business Web Model

Many internet marketers rely on a single product as their sole business model. Jennie Armato uses and teaches a different way to use the internet to earn an income online – and her model is a “multiple product” version, that takes into consideration your target market – a proven formula for success!

I had the pleasure to interview Jennie recently as my guest on a live tele-seminar. Here is just some of the ideas she shared with us.

The set-up of your website(s) will be slightly different depending on whether you are going to target the business market or if you are going to target the consumer market. Here is what Jennie recommends for creating multiple product business web models for business to consumer marketplace:

Business to Consumer Markets

When you are creating a website to sell products to a consumer who is buying the product for themselves, you will want to have two different pages on your website to send those people to. The first page will be a category related to the subject matter; and the subject of that page is actually related to the market you advertise to.

If you want to sell ebooks, you might have a web site with a few hundred ebooks that are all on lifestyle subjects. That means you have multiple products, and your products are complementary (they are all ebooks on the same theme, “lifestyle”) and they are synergistic in that the same consumers might be interested in more than one of the actual ebooks at the same time. This is how you can get multiple sales from individual consumers and turn each consumer into repeat customers rather than a one-time buyer.

If you wanted to target parents, you would want to have a page set up to send the parents to- perhaps a squeeze page that asks for their details and in exchange they get some sort of free item related to parenting. This allows you to build a mailing list, which is how you build a back end system for marketing additional products and services based on the consumer’s interests. Once the details are entered in your squeeze page, the consumer is then taken to a page of products that are categorized and relative to the consumer- in this case, the parenting eBook page of your multiple eBook website would be displayed and the consumer is given opportunity to select the one they want and make a purchase- and most important is they are not taken to a single product sales letter, where they would either buy or leave the site.

This page of parenting ebooks would consist of several products within the category – and links that show the consumers there are other categories of related products that might be interesting to them as well.

That’s the basics of how multiple product web business models work to effectively run businesses online and the type of knowledge you get when working with Jennie Armato.