Video Production Business Tips – Are You the Master of Your Domain?

If you are fan of the old show, “Seinfeld”, you are laughing a bit at the title of this post. It’s an episode where each of the cast members place a bet that they can hold out the longest before they “take care of themselves” since none of them have a significant other at that point.

Within moments after the bet is placed, Kramer, the super funny neighbor, walks in Jerry’s door, slams down his money on the table and screams “I’m out!” Soon after he walked out of Jerry’s apartment the first time, he noticed a lady undressing in the building across the street and he couldn’t contain himself.

You might be wondering “How in the world is Kris going to spin this into a post about business?” Let me show you…
When I was growing up, my Dad constantly tried to teach me the concept of delayed gratification. This is basically a phrase that means you continue to do the right or necessary things over and over without fail and eventually, you will reap the rewards.

Too often, in both business and in life, we opt for the quick hit or for what feels good now versus disciplining ourselves to wait until the real payoff comes.

In high school, I was lucky enough to be one of the star athletes but it wasn’t because I was naturally talented. Sure, I was tall and kind of fast, but I had to work harder than everyone else to be really good.

While my buddies were off playing tackle football in a field or pickup basketball at the playground, my Dad always convinced me that it was more important for me to work on the fundamentals so that when it really mattered, in an actual game in front of hundreds or even thousands of people, I’d be ready to win it all.

In the summertime, my evenings consisted of placing 2′ x 2′ boxes all over the football field with the goal of being able to drop a football inside them from 10 yards, 30 yards and 50 yards both while standing still and running. I’d do this for hours almost every night and my poor girlfriend always volunteered to roundup the footballs for me so I could do it again… and again… and again.

I used to hate doing this night in and night out but I trusted my Dad’s instincts. I’d talk to him about how much I didn’t want to do those drills and he’d say, “Kris, if you pay the price now, you’ll be a champion later. What do you think the other guys who want to play Quarterback are doing right now?” So, I persisted in hopes of someday getting the gratification that was meant to pay me back for all my hard work.

My moment came on a brisk fall evening in November of 1994. We had been battling with our rival, all night long and with 1 minute left in the game; they were winning 7-6. Our defense held them on 4th down at our 20 yard line so it was up to me to take the team down the field 80 yards to score in 60 seconds or less.

In a situation when most 16- year old kids would freak out, I remember being calm and ready. I had prepared for that moment for months and had played that scenario in my head over and over and I knew exactly how it was going to end.

In a series of throws down the field that hit my receivers right in that 2′ x 2′ area, we made it down the field to our competitor’s 40 yard line with a few seconds left on the clock. On the next play, the clock expired and I threw an interception. For a moment, I was devastated because that is definitely NOT how it was supposed to turn out.

Once the dust settled, the referee approached me and asked if I wanted to take the penalty. Turns out that the reason I threw an interception was because the defender tripped my receiver after the ball was in the air so they threw the flag and called pass interference.

Since you can’t end the game on a defensive penalty, I had one more shot at winning the game form the 25 yard line with zero seconds on the clock. This was it… my opportunity to show the world what I was made of.

My coach called a time out so we could talk it over. He called a play and I asked him if we could run a play that I had imagined on a regular basis that I knew would work.

My star receiver and tight end were both starters on the basketball team so I knew they could out jump the defensive players. In the dirt, I drew up the play and I remember the coach scratching his head and saying, “Damn Kris, that’s gonna work!”

We lined those two guys up shoulder to shoulder on the left side of the field and ran them straight to the end zone. I took the snap, dropped back and threw it into the corner of the end zone in the exact spot where no one, but my guy, could get it.

Bernard Davis, number 86, caught the pass and immediately fell to the ground to protect the ball from being hit. We won the championship game with zero seconds left on the clock that year and that single play was named play of the year out all plays executed by every team in the entire Far East Conference.

That single accomplishment was the gratification I had worked so hard for and my Dad was right. When I needed to perform, I was ready – but only because I had put in all the hard work to master the fundamentals. I can honestly say that throwing that game winning touchdown set the stage for the rest of my life. I’ve had complete confidence in myself and have always believed that I can win in any circumstance.

I have a few questions for you… When a big opportunity arises in your video production business, will you be ready? Are you doing what it takes to master the fundamentals of marketing, selling, customer service and providing a top-quality finished product?

If so, it may seem like a never ending cycle of small jobs, missed car payments and all the other things that financial difficulties can create in a family. Hang in there, your moment is coming. I promise.