Video Production Business Tips – The Two Best Days Of the Week for New Projects

In the 13+ years I’ve been running a video production business, I’ve always been surprised that Monday seems to be the most popular day for getting new project inquiries and Friday has always been the best day to close a deal.

Why is that? Here’s my theory.

I’ll start with Monday. Over the weekend, busy people (decision makers) subconsciously think about all the things they need to accomplish the following week. This is a source of stress for them. So, not wanting it to drag on until the following week, they initiate a lot of new projects or initiatives the minute they are back in the office on Monday morning.

You should be on the lookout for this. If you get an inquiry on Monday morning, don’t waste any time getting back to them or trying to set up a meeting. They are in “Get it done” mode on Monday mornings so don’t wait until the week starts to kick their butt to try and get the process moving. If I get a call or email on Monday, I try to make sure I can schedule a meeting either later that afternoon or first thing Tuesday morning.

This prospect is hot and I want to keep them in the game until we have a signed contract.

Speaking of contracts… after you meet with them Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning, make sure you get the proposal/quote back to them with lighting speed. Don’t wait until Wednesday or Thursday to send it back because at that point, the video project has moved from #1 priority to about #10 (or #100) due to all the other stuff they have to make sure gets done this week.

Fast forward to Friday. This is the day that these same decision makers want to make sure everything gets wrapped up so they don’t have to take any of this week’s baggage into the weekend and even worse… into next week.

I just got a call before writing this post from a client who said “Kris, I’m leaving for the weekend at noon and I want to get this video thing signed off on and ready to go. What do I need to do?” I replied by telling him to email a signed copy of the proposal to me and I’ll send him an invoice for the deposit payment. He said “Will do. Can you stop by the office today to grab the check? I may not be there but I’ll leave it at the front desk.”

“Hell. Yes.” That’s how I like to play this game people.

In other circumstances, it won’t be that cut and dry. You’ll have to work for it a bit. For instance, if a prospect who’s hot on a project starts emailing you questions early in the day on Friday, keep the conversation going by emailing back or picking up the phone to call.

The first email might come in at 10am on Friday morning. You’ll email back your answers to their questions and the next email from them might not come until 2pm. When you respond to that one, their response comes back around 4pm. Finally, every time you send an email they respond within minutes. As this starts to happen, you need to call your spouse or significant other and tell them that you might be a little late.

If your prospect is emailing you every few minutes late on a Friday afternoon, THEY WANT TO SIGN THE CONTRACT and they want to do it before they leave for the weekend. I don’t care if you have to stay at the office until 7pm. Do not leave until you get the contract… period!

So, Monday’s are when most of my projects opportunities start and Fridays are when most of them get signed off on.