Your Own Health Products Business

Just imagine… You now can have a money-making “business-in-a-box” handed to you at a price that just about everyone can afford. The included site is made to take advantage of one of most profitable online niches: HEALTH. This venture is a robotic profit center and here’s why:

Your very own (included) site will constantly pour cash from over 90 income streams right into your bank account! This business, including its web blueprint and marketing plan, is the brain-child of famous TV and Internet health professional Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst who now has an average income of $42,000a day, almost entirely from the web. Dr. Suzanne, as she is known, has made millions offering health care items over the Internet, rather than through her medical practice in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Now that Dr. Suzanne has preceded you and effectively ironed out all the kinks, she is now ready to offer you a health care products business-in-a-box constructed for your profit and complete with its own competently designed and marketed site. It is constructed to make money because it’s designed just right, using a proven appearance and blueprint. Because this site has a plethora of “fancy gadgets” and automated marketing devices, it does almost all of the labor for you. It even creates its own viral Internet traffic, starting with no traffic at all.

Health-related products are searched for more than any other kind of product online. In fact, about seven-tenths of all online searches are for health-related products and information. Dr. Suzanne sat down with a professional Internet design team who worked with her to develop this health products and health information “business-in-a-box.” Effective web conception is the first half of any thriving online marketing venture. The second part, of course, is concerned with publicizing that site to lure hoards of Internet traffic to it. To do that, Dr. Suzanne signed contracts with the very best online marketing geniuses from all over the world.

The web site is included with its own “live” spokesmodel who appears walking across the computer screens of your potential customers. She greets them and then asks them to fill out a form that permits them to see the site’s “shocking” videos. This spokesmodel alone has been shown to increase sales conversions by a factor of just about 400%. Rachel, the spokesmodel, comes with your web site free.

The site also has a very potent viral marketing aid called a “tell-a-friend” form that permits you to draw practically boundless free Internet traffic to your site. This form shows up on every page of the site so that all potential customers referred by the form are taken speedily to the page where the form was originally completed. Your web site will also have a specific bookmarking feature which, all by itself, has been shown to increase sales by 300% or more.

One of the most robust aspects of the web site is the “Automatic Sales Manager” which captures email addresses through not one but a several potent devices. It automatically “embroiders” your sales code into a database to make sure that you will get full credit for all sales made to your customer now and forever. It then schedules multiple and sequential email messages tailored appropriately to your client’s health requirements. This process goes on throughout all 90+ income streams.

The products you will be vending through your web site are specifically aimed at general health, weight reduction, women’s health, men’s health, colon health and skin care, all very powerful and hungry marketing niches. Your Internet store will offer the highest quality health-oriented items and literature. Your site comes constructed with no-cost, unrestricted hosting using the best, most-powerful servers in the world. A highly-schooled, professional technical support team responds to all of your client’s inquiries for you for free. You never are required to converse with any of your clients.

Part of the complete program are tested Google AdWords ads, keywords and even an “Article Maker” to submit your articles to more than five thousand article marketing sites to lure Internet traffic to your site for a long time to come. With everything constructed for you like this, you can only lose by not beginning!

© 2011 Robert M. Gillespie, Jr.